Texas Holdem online: easy to win

There are two structures of free texas holdem poker games: limit and pot limit. All these two varieties are played according to the same rules, but they differ from each other by different restrictions on rates. Before you decide to play online texas holdem, take a closer look at the structures.

Limit texas holdem

In this rather tranquil variety of texas poker game, players’ stakes are strictly limited to a certain number of chips. That is, if a player decides to make a bet, then he can bet only a certain amount (no more, no less). The same goes for raises and reraises. By the way, the number of raises for the round of betting in a limited online texas holdem is limited to three.

The last third raise is called a cap. After it, another raise can not be done, and the players can only call or fold. The exception is when there are two players in the Texas hold em game. This rule does not apply if at the beginning of the round of the trade there are more than two players.

Another feature of the limited texas holdem game is that the shot size increases in later rounds of betting. For example, in early trading circles (preflop and flop), players bet and raise $ 10, and on the turn and river, the stakes are already $ 20. Such a structure of a limited game is usually written as Limit 10 $ -20 $. Where $ 10 is the lower limit, and $ 20 is the upper limit. The size of the big blind in the limited online texas holdem poker is equal to the lower limit. The small blind, in turn, is equal to half of the big blind. Thus, in the limit, $ 10 -20 $ game, the blinds are $ 5 and $ 10.

Pot limit Texas hold em

The minimum bet in this structure is equal to the big blind, and the maximum is limited by the size of the bank at the time of the shot. And the bank is considered not only by those chips that lie in the center of the table but also by the sum of all bets made in this round of trade, as well as chips that need to be delivered to call the bet before raising.

Also in the structure of pot-limit free online texas holdem games, there is such a thing as a minimum raise. When making the first raise in the round, you must place at least twice the bet made earlier. That is, if someone opened a trade, placing $ 20, and you want to raise, then you can bet from $ 40 to the maximum shot (bank).

If there have already been a raise and you want to reraise, the minimum increase in the bet is determined as the difference between the previous bet and the bet before the raise. For example, if the first player made a bet of $ 20, the second raised to $ 50, then (if you want to reraise, of course) you can raise a minimum of $ 30 ($ 50 – $ 20 = $ 30). So, to make a minimum raise, you need to bet $ 80 ($ 50 + $ 30 = $ 80).

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